Cold Spray Repairs On Helicopters | Helicopter Repair & Overhaul

Repeated stress on and removal of a helicopter’s components result in wear to the helicopter’s parts. 

Traditional helicopter repair processes are costly and could cause extensive downtime for one of your largest investments.

Mid-America Aerotech offers an innovative, eco-friendly repair technology solution for today’s contemporary helicopter pilot: Cold spray technology.

Safety Is A Necessity,
Not An Option


Avoid the time drain of waiting on helicopter replacement parts and the downtime for helicopter repairs. At Mid-America Aerotech, we offer a better way of fixing your helicopter.

  • Cold spray technology is a cost-effective method of repairing many components on your helicopter.
  • Cold spray technology is “clean.” There are no toxic fumes for your repair personnel or in your shop. Plus, it saves money and natural resources when helicopter parts are repaired rather than replaced.
  • Cold spray does not disrupt the atomic copper and aluminum structure of aluminum alloys on a helicopter’s components.
helicopter flying over mountains


  • VRC Gen III
  • Plasma Giken PCS-1000
  • CGT Kinetics-4000
  • Centerline/SST EP&P


  • Experienced cold spray production technicians
  • Four cold spray booths (with capacity up to 7)
  • Flexible dust collection systems in all booths
  • Cold spray production
airplane landing on runway

Mid-America Aerotech
Offers Helicopter Repair Solutions

Mid-America Aerotech is a certified FAA repair station located in West Fargo, North Dakota. Our team services the military, aerospace, and commercial industries, and privately-owned airplanes and helicopters. We offer:

  • Experienced cold spray engineering staff
  • Production
  • Material testing


  • FAA Part 145 Repair Station: VMDR806L
  • EASA Certificate for Aerospace work in the EU
  • ISO AS9100D and AS9110C Certified

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