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Cold Spray Services

Cold Spray repairs on aerospace hardware are fast becoming industry standard. Let Mid-America Aerotech’s experienced engineers and technicians build your repairs and process your hardware to the highest of industry standards. 

Faster, Market-Competitive, And Safer Aerotech Repairs

For decades, both new part manufacturers and end-users have tried to find the best repair solutions for corroded and damaged parts. Replacement parts are expensive and usually have extended lead times. As a result, maintenance professionals often utilize repairing over replacing.

Industries Serviced:

Commercial Aircraft, Military Aviation, OEM, Research & Development, Helicopters

The Aviation Cold Spray Repair Process

Many repair processes have been developed over the years for damaged parts, but these may induce undesirable thermal stresses resulting in premature failure. Over the past several decades, experts from around the world have been looking for alternatives. One innovative solution is a process called Cold Spray – an additive manufacturing process that uses metal powders accelerated to supersonic speeds to restore the original substrate without inducing thermal stresses. This process is being widely used in the automotive, industrial, and industrial marketplaces. It is ideal for aerospace materials like aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and other alloys.

Benefits of Cold Spray Repair:

Significant Total Cost Savings

Repair vs. replacement saves both inventory and total sustainment costs.

Repair Time Reduction

Repair lead times substantially less than lead times for new components.

Improved Production Yield

Repair defects instead of scrapping to salvage newly manufactured parts.

Cold Spray Repair is Ideal for Many Situations:

Cold Spray: The Solution for Aviation Repair & Overhaul

Mid-America Aerotech is a certified FAA repair station located in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Our team specializes in servicing military, aerospace, and commercial industries. Additionally we continue to repair and service helicopters and privately-owned airplanes fleets.

Mid-America Aerotech is a certified FAA repair station located in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Our team services the military, aerospace, and commercial industries, as well as helicopters and privately-owned airplanes. We are your trusted expert in the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) of commercial and military aircraft systems, providing the ultimate cost-effective and worthy solution that meets and exceeds existing safety standards.