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Mid-America Aerotech is the leader in machining capabilities for the aerospace industry. Partnered with an award-winning company Mid-America Aerotech utilized proven practices for continued success. 

Advanced Aerospace Machining Services with Mid-America Aerotech

We consistently aim to be at the forefront of the aviation field with cutting edge technologies and manufacturing practices. The high level of precision required for aircraft production and repair demands that every aircraft component must adhere to strict industry standards. The function of any aircraft relies upon flawless execution and design, with no room for error in the fabrication and assembly of an aircraft. For these reasons, the experts at Mid-America Aerotech are always looking for new and improved machining processes to stay ahead of the curve.

Industries Serviced:

Commercial Aircraft, Military Aviation, OEM, Research & Development, Helicopters

What is CNC Machining and why is it important for the Aerospace Industry?

Computer Numerical Control machining or CNC machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computer-controlled machines to create precise and complex parts from various materials. Computer-generated Instructions and schematics are processed to control the movement of cutting tools, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability in production. In the aviation industry, where precision and reliability are paramount, CNC machining plays a vital role. It allows for the creation of intricate aerospace components with small tolerances, meeting the critical requirements for safety and performance. Additionally, CNC machining offers efficiency and material versatility, making it a cost-effective and indispensable method in aerospace manufacturing.

CNC Machining Applications for Aviation Industry

CNC machining plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry due to its precision, efficiency, and ability to work with complex geometries and different materials. As the aerospace sector demands high-quality components with stringent tolerances, CNC machining ensures consistent and reliable production of critical parts for both manned and unmanned aircraft and spacecraft.

Aircraft Structural Components

CNC machining is used to manufacture various structural components of an aircraft, such as wing ribs, fuselage frames, and landing gear parts. These components require high precision and tight tolerances to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Engine Components

CNC machining is employed to produce critical engine parts like turbine blades, compressor discs, and engine casings. The intricate designs and tight tolerances of these components are essential for efficient and reliable engine operation.

Avionics Housings

Avionics are the electronic systems used in aircraft, including communication, navigation, and control systems. CNC machining is utilized to create custom housings for avionics components, providing protection and precise fitting within the aircraft's limited space.

Aerospace Tooling

CNC machining is instrumental in producing specialized tooling and fixtures used in aircraft assembly and maintenance. These tools aid in ensuring consistent and accurate assembly of aircraft components.

Satellite Components

The aerospace industry relies on CNC machining to manufacture components for satellites and space exploration missions. These components can include satellite housings, propulsion systems, and scientific instruments.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Parts

CNC machining is used to fabricate components for unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones. These components may include airframes, propellers, and landing gear, among others.

Aircraft Interiors

CNC machining is also utilized to produce interior components, such as cabin panels, overhead compartments, and passenger seating structures. Precision is essential for ensuring that these components fit together seamlessly and meet safety standards.


Overall, CNC machining's versatility and ability to work with various materials make it an indispensable manufacturing process in the aerospace industry, contributing to safer and more efficient aircraft and spacecraft designs.

MAA Machining Capabilities

Precisely Engineered Solutions with Mid-America Aerotech

At Mid-America Aerotech, we stand behind our aerospace machining capabilities. Our engineers offer unmatched expertise and precision with every aerospace project we undertake. Whether you are looking to machine new replacement parts, or machine and repair old ones, we have the knowledge and support to ensure the job is completed on time while meeting your aviation project expectations.

Mid-America Aerotech is a certified FAA repair station located in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Our team services the military, aerospace, and commercial industries, as well as helicopters and privately-owned airplanes. We are your trusted expert in the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) of commercial and military aircraft systems, providing the ultimate cost-effective and worthy solution that meets and exceeds existing safety standards.